Biodiversity & Conservation


Saving the tiger means we save the forest since tiger cannot live in places where trees have vanished and in turn secure food and water for all.

In Malaysia, there are abundant flora and fauna, and it is renowned over the world with its species variety and density. However, for a long time, the insufficient survey data have seriously influenced the studies of distribution, group volume, living pressure, rehabilitation and local ecology education of rare and endemic species.

Therefore, MyGeoBiod is developed to systematically build a survey database and effectively give educational guidance for users. MyGeoBiod is being developed using remote sensing, GIS and GPS technologies to support the management and conservation of the national biodiversity resources program lead by Biodiversity Management & Forestry Division, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE).

The aim of MyGeoBiod is to provide a centralized geospatial biodiversity database to effectively and accurately attain the local flora and fauna data and systematically create an Internet geographic database with surveyed samples and distribution data of wild flora and fauna through back-end data processing .

MyGeoBiod encompasses development of the database, analysis, modeling and decision support tool in order to support the stakeholder for effective management and conservation of biodiversity resources in the country. The system is fully developed by ARSM with the input from user agencies.